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Amicable Debt Collection in Poland is no different than Debt Collection in other European states, but since our office is located in Poland, it is dear to us. Besides, it is where it has all started. First - Debt Collection in Poland for banks, as well as for oil and pharmaceutical industry. Later - for Italian companies engaged in export to Poland, so as to reach International Debt Collection.

Is Amicable Debt Collection unsuccessful? We propose to bring the case before a court.

Cases which require interpretation of laws, as well as legal actions, are handled by our partner Law Firm, Kancelaria Adwokacka Grochowski - Żurawski Sp. partnerska. The Law Firm specializes in assisting economic entities in international trade, as well as in trans-boundary disputes. It is employing all legal tools in the recovery of receivables and proposes following actions:

  • representation of business entities (companies and sole proprietorships) before courts of all instances across the whole country (common courts, Supreme Court);
  • obtaining payment orders and enforcement clauses (including European Payment Order and European Enforcement Order);
  • counter-enforcement suits;
  • assistance in obtaining security for receivables (promissory notes, bank guarantees);
  • NEW! European Account Preservation Order.