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In order to increase efficiency in debt collection, we train our employees and follow the law amendments. We also appeal to the creditors to react much faster to every single delay of payment because…

“The successful debt collection largely depends on the time when it was undertaken"

Our Vision

Debt collection is like playing a game with the debtor. It becomes more and more sophisticated, downright finessed. We have to be fast, determined and experienced to act efficiently. All the actions we undertake are subordinated to our main aim - recovery of receivables. The terms we offer are attractive. Among many companies in the debt collection sector of the market, we stand out by over twenty years of experience. It is our strong suit! Theoretical and legal knowledge is necessary, but it is the long-term practice that makes us professionals.

Law Firm

Cases which require interpretation of laws, as well as legal actions, are handled by our partner Law Firm, Kancelaria Adwokacka Grochowski - Żurawski Sp. partnerska. The Law Firm specializes in assisting economic entities in international trade, as well as in trans-boundary disputes . It is employing all legal tools in the recovery of receivables.

Judicial Debt Collection in Europe

Cases which require interpretation of laws and legal actions in European countries are handled by our Partner Law Firms in particular states in Europe. They perform following activities:

  • lodging claims in courts in order to obtain payment orders
  • obtaining European Account Preservation Order
  • enforcement of Payment Orders by a bailiff
  • obtaining enforcement clauses to the judgments issued by Italian courts
  • enforcement of European Payment Orders

As far as legal actions regarding debtors in Europe are concerned, we prefer obtaining payment orders in the country of the debtor. Enforcement of such claims is faster and more efficient.

Judicial Debt Collection in Poland

We act:

  • before courts in Poland (according to Italian Code)
  • before courts in Italy
  • before courts in Europe

With an aim at:

  • obtaining a Payment Order
  • submitting a Bankruptcy Petition
  • reaching out-of-court and court settlements
  • recovering receivables by bailiff seizure
  • submitting the notification on suspicion of committing a criminal offence

Social activity

Good comes back to you!

Tenet Service not only earns, but also shares the generated profits with the ones in need. We donate systematically to the Hospice for Children in Wrocław, as well as “Wiosna” Association which supports the poor. Whenever possible, we also help children via the global organization UNICEF.

"We are an attractive and trusted partner because of the terms we offer”