Make an inquiry – free of charge evaluation of claims

We have achieved huge success in this area of our activity. Our effectiveness in debt collection in Italy is highly valued. Our priority is the amicable debt collection. To recover receivables from the debtor in Italy, we undertake the following actions:

  • free of charge Evaluation of Claims
  • negotiation of the Debt Repayment Schedule with the debtor
  • monitoring of the receivables repayment, including the interests and costs of debt collection
  • if the debtor does not cooperate - sending the Payment Demand from a Law Firm
  • proposal of lodging a claim in court, with our Client’s prior approval

Cases which require interpretation of laws, as well as legal actions are handled by our partner Law Firm in Prato, which we have been cooperating with for many years. The Law Firm specializes in assisting economic entities in international trade. It is employing all legal tools in the recovery of receivables.