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International Debt Collection is a specific process. Law in the debtor’s country, its interpretation, customary rules on payments, language – we have to know those elements to recover your receivables.

How do we do it?

  • Our priority is the Amicable Debt Collection.
  • We start the Debt Collection with a free of charge Evaluation of Claims. Afterwards, if the assessment’s outcome is positive, we start negotiations with the debtor.
  • When we receive the Debt Repayment Schedule, we monitor it until the full payment, including interests and costs of the debt collection, is achieved.
  • If the debtor refuses to pay or to cooperate, our lawyer sends a Payment Demand.
  • A further step is to bring the case before a court, with our Client’s prior approval. Debtors, convinced that it would not be profitable for the creditor to lodge a claim in court, are really surprised when they receive a Payment Order.
  • Significant amount of debtors pay back their debts amicably during that stage of proceedings. If not, we order the execution against bank accounts, real estates, movables or lead the debtor to Bankruptcy.

We act in the European Union member states, as well as in non-EU countries, e.g. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland. We also recover debts in Mexico, Singapore and in the U.S.

If the Amicable Debt Collection is unsuccessful, we propose legal actions:

  • obtaining a court order/decision
  • enforcement of an order/decision
  • obtaining the European Payment Order
  • NEW! European Account Preservation Order
  • petition for bankruptcy
  • free of charge legal advise within the contract

"As far as legal actions regarding debtors in Europe are concerned, we prefer obtaining payment orders in the country of the debtor. Enforcement of such claims is faster and more efficient”

To recover receivables, we cooperate with the following law firms:

The deadlines for expiration of claims in particular countries are listed below:

Being aware of those deadlines would be helpful for you to decide when to commission the debt collection.

Austria – 3 years
Belgium – 10 years
Bulgaria – 10 years
Croatia- 3 years
Cyprus – 3 years
Czech Republic – 4 years
Denmark – 3 years
Estonia – 3 years, court’s decision - 30 years
Finland – 2 years, amicable settlement – 5 years, court’s decision – 5 years
France – 5 years
Germany – 10 years
Greece – 5 years
Hungary – 5 years
Irlandia – 6 years
Italy – 10 years
Latvia – 10 years
Lithuania – business activity - 10 years, court’s decision – 10 years
Netherlands – sales contract - 10 years, business activity – 5 years
Poland – business activity - 3 years, court’s decision – 10 years
Portugal – 20 years
Romania – 3 years
Slovakia – 3 years
Slovenia – 3 years
Spain – 15 years
Sweden – 10 years
United Kingdom – 6 years

"We are an attractive and trusted partner because of the terms we offer"