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Debt Collection

We have twenty-three years of experience in debt collection
Professionals + knowledge + long-term practice = effectiveness and trust

Debt Collection in Europe

International Debt Collection is our offer for the exporters. We are ready to recover your receivables or settle the dispute. We act fast, effective and in a firm manner.

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Debt Collection in Poland

Amicable and court debt collection, as well as European Payment Order.
NEW! European Account Preservation Order

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Client List and References

Our clients are our greatest asset. See the references and join the group of our satisfied clients.

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Debt Collection in Italy

Debt Collection in Italy is our main offer for you.
European Account Preservation Order

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Law Firms – Partners in Europe

We have been working for years with law firms in Europe, which operate in the debtor’s country. That is where the effectiveness comes from.

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Debt Collection – Price List

The amount of our commission is negotiable and depends on the amount of the debt and its condition.

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International debt collection – we undertake the following actions:

In the initial phase of proceedings we put stress on the Amicable Debt Collection. It is an important stage, during which we focus on recovering the receivables by negotiation with the debtor. Litigation means additional costs and time. Our aim is an immediate payment by the debtor or obtaining a repayment schedule.

International Debt Collection